We now have Cilantro, Chervil, Dill, and Parsley ready to pick and sell.  I receive a lot of questions asking what Chervil is.  Chervil is a mild version of Taragon (a bit of a licorice flavor).  I've used it to make an amazing chicken salad sandwich and it's extremely good in eggs.  Fresh herbs add so much more flavor than the dry seasonings.  Come by and give it a try. 

We also receive questions regarding pricing for our tomatoes and lettuce.  Our tomatoes are $3.10 / lb and our lettuce (butter crunch, red sail, and romaine) is $2.50 / bag.  All harvested fresh that day.  We have a good amount of both right now.  I made some finger snacks today with organic mozzarella, tomatoes, basil, extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper.  Num! 

We had another great weekend at Doose Aquaponics.  Some new customers and some repeat customers.  To all, thank you for coming in to see us even in this weather, which in my opinion is just crazy.  I went outside today with my hood on which was sort of silly, since the wind took it off in seconds.  The greenhouse plastic makes all sorts of noises when the wind blows this hard.  Tim and I kept looking at each other with that "did you hear that" sort of look.  Thank goodness my husband is an amazing handyman and has been able to keep the greenhouses toasty warm for the veggies. 

I hope all who have come to see us are enjoying Doose Aquaponics as much as we are.  We have worked hard to make it a homey comfortable place to visit.  I won't deny it was a scary adventure, particularly when we are both working our "real" jobs during the week.  Working seven days a week seemed a bit overwhelming until we actually started.  We have found that our weekends aren't really work.  We get to socialize with great friends, sharing amazing stories over a cup of coffee.  And for those who just want to stop in for a quick pick-up of fresh vegetables, we hope we have made your stop convenient. 

More to come from the Doose's. 


Tim & Shawn



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    Tim and Shawn Doose, Co-owners of Doose Aquaponics, live in Ellsworth, WI.  We have 3 amazing children and four beautiful grandchildren.  We love to meet new people, grow healthy foods, snowmobile, four-wheel, and just have fun in life in general.


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