We are officially opened and so excited. 

This past weekend was our first official open weekend.  We met some amazing new friends and had some great conversation with current friends. 

What a weekend it was.  Sold a ton of fresh vegetables, which was good, and learned a ton at the same time, which in hind sight is also good.  The learning curve did add a bit of anxiety to the days.  Things like a cash register that continued to error.  And the programmer of said cash register (me), realizing that when you program a cash register to bypass the decimal point, it REALLY bypasses the decimal.  Yep, told the machine to go without the decimal, continued to push decimal, then realized the error (bad choice of words) in my ways.   Imagine my fear when I realized I may have to do math in my head.  But no worries, I figured it all out before impacting any customers. 

We also realized we had forgotten our Do Not Enter signs.  A VERY kind gentleman came in the wrong door (NOT his fault), and walked into a greenhouse that has not been built out, and is used as our storage.  I am so very grateful he continued to walk into the store.  He was 100% kind, but I have to imagine the thought in his head as he looked around at the mess. 

Thank you to all who have supported us in the openings, and everyone who has supported the construction.  There is MUCH construction left to go but we are on our way.  To Andrea and Herman, thank you thank you for all of your kindness and support. 

More to come. 
Tim and Shawn Doose  (Shawn is the author and the programming genious) 

Cheers to all.


Dorothy Reis
01/23/2014 7:34am

The very best of luck in your enterprise, so glad to see you making good use or the old greenhouses and location,. Prescott is an awesome town with fantastic people. Keep up the good work.
signed, the old "Reis" Prescott Greenhouse crew.

01/26/2014 7:37pm

Hi Dorothy! Thank you so much for your note. I remember growing up with the Reis greenhouses. I'm from the "Blake crew" so we've all been associated with one Reis crew or another (smiles). I hope you have a chance to stop in and see us. And I truly hope Tim and I can serve our customers as well as you did for all those years.

Dorothy Reis
01/23/2014 8:03am

the cool wooden planters you use were made by our friend Asa Weeks up here and we used to sell them. fun to see them being used. Dorothy Reis


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