I've made some updates to our website.  I've changed our background in hopes the site is now a bit easier on the eyes.  I've also added a new page where I've shared some healthy recipes using tomatoes, lettuce, herbs, and other healthy options. (Thank you Cyndi for the tip!)   I haven't yet tried all of these recipes, therefore I can't take credit (or blame) for how they will make your taste buds react.  They sure sound amazing though.  I'll keep trying them and post my own taste bud reviews. 

I also figured out how to add the Facebook link on our Contact and Location page!  That one took me some time but I figured it out.  I'm feeling rather proud this morning!  (smiles). 

Here's to hoping everyone wakes up with a smile and keeps that feeling all day long.  Cheers all, and stay safe on the roads today.




carol doose
01/30/2014 7:14pm

You are doing just fine Shawn. Real glad for the two of you to be doing this greenhouse. I enjoyed all 7 yrs. i worked at the one in Turtle Lake, wis. There is nothing more rewarding than planting and watching it all grow.

02/07/2014 7:53pm

Thank you Carol. We really are enjoying it.


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