All I can say is WOW!  We had such a great weekend.  I know it is cliché coming from a business owner but our friends and customers are truly amazing.  We attribute our busy weekend to the fact that you have not only continued to visit us, but you have also graciously spread the word. We are listening to your feedback and will continue to build out more greenhouses to offer even more fresh vegetables.  

Tim is working on cucumbers, radishes, zucchini, and acorn squash while the green peppers, carrots, and onions continue to grow.  Based on your feedback he has seeded oregano and tarragon.  He is going to look into Yukon Gold potatoes and green onions. 

We look forward to serving all of you many years into the future. 

Enjoy your week everyone.  Rumor has it we may hit somewhere 20 or above by the end of the week.  I for one am not keeping my fingers crossed, but if it happens you may just see me basking in the heat out on my front porch. 

Cheers all,

Tim & Shawn
Another good weekend at Doose Aquaponics has come and gone. 

A few high school colleagues stopped in this weekend.  Many of them were surprised to see me.  They didn't know I was the other half of the Doose in Doose Aquaponics.  So for anyone who knows me but hasn't yet made the connection to Doose Aquaponics, it's me, Shawn Blake.  I wasn't always toting and eating healthy foods in my MUCH younger days :) 

Another question we often hear throughout the day is "how did you get started in Aquaponics?"  I'll try to give a short version of our story. For years Tim had wanted a greenhouse.  He has been excited about growing things for ages. As a heavy equipment operator at a gravel pit, Tim has winters off.  He took this time to build a greenhouse in our back yard.  He started out growing vegetables the way most everyone does, in dirt using chemicals.  At the same time, I had been reading up on healthy eating and realized, at my age, eating a ton of preservatives and chemicals was something I needed to take a closer look at.  Through the many conversations we had on the topic, Tim started researching other healthier ways to grow vegetables.  He started by researching Hydroponics (soil free using water and adding other nutrients to the water to feed the plants), but then found information on Aquaponics (also soil free using water, but using fish waste to feed the plants) , and realized in order to go completely chemical free, Aquaponics was the way to go.  He proceeded to build out the greenhouse the Aquaponics way, including digging a holding tank for fish, building filters and circulation pumps for continuous recirculation of the water and ordering approximately 100 fish and a couple bee hives for pollination.  He then found ways to heat his greenhouse, even on those negative zero days you feel like your face will crack wide open with just a smile.  Through trial and error, he found success.  The vegetables were much better and so much fresher than those he had been growing in dirt. I was now able to get fresh vegetables even in the dead of winter here in Wisconsin.  And from there....the birth of the idea for Doose Aquaponics.  Tim is the brains behind the operation.  Me, I'm the cheerleader in the background supporting this dream 100% with never a regret. 

What is the dream?  Our dream is to share with you fresh vegetables any season of the year that are grown without pesticides or herbicides.  We welcome requests for greenhouse tours where you can see exactly how the vegetables are grown.  For those who have stopped to visit, thank you for your excitement and words of encouragement. 


    Tim and Shawn Doose, Co-owners of Doose Aquaponics, live in Ellsworth, WI.  We have 3 amazing children and four beautiful grandchildren.  We love to meet new people, grow healthy foods, snowmobile, four-wheel, and just have fun in life in general.


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